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WOW I haven't touched this thing since last April 2007.

and I won't any further either but I figure I randomly came on this, so I apologize if anyone read this and I just kind of disappeared.

if anyone is actually going to read this I'll sum up my life that has changed since the last post which isn't all that exciting:

I don't have dreads anymore as of last August, that part of my life was over a long time ago, and wasn't really *me* anymore.

Sleeping Pilot is recording soon our second album entitled Nuda Vita. We have no record label to release it or any support on a level which we need, so who knows when it will actually come out. So we need that, and a booking agent for the summer.

If anyone's interested we're playing a rare show at the Elmdale Tavern this coming Thursday. We won't be playing after that until our album is out.

As The Poets Affirm have been disbanded since shortly after last year's performance at Bluesfest (which was a lot of fun). Our final album is mastered but will probably not see the light of day because same story as Pilot, there doesn't exist any support or record label to press it. We are NOT going to be playing any more shows, or a final show.

I still take tons of photographs which you can follow on my Flickr:

Unfortunately I don't make any money with my photography, and probably never will in this city.
However there is a small chance I may be moving to Europe in the late Fall at some point with someone special but not for too long, maybe a year at most. Maybe life won't be as stagnant there, who knows. All I'm doing here is working a dead end whatever job, and mostly I feel like if I stay in this city that's all I'll EVER be doing, and doing all the enjoyable creative things on the side, which isn't really where I want to be.

so that's it, I really don't go on this but if you want to keep up/keep in touch if you don't otherwise then you can add me on facebook:

Alex Cairncross's Facebook profile
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